AutoRap by Smule MOD APK 2.8.3 (VIP Features Unlocked)


AutoRap is a free and easy-to-use online music recognition application. It uses a WAV file to identify specific songs and can detect lyrics and instruments. Although not widely used, the program has its own popularity.
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AutoRap by Smule MOD APK 2.8.3

AutoRap by Smule Mod Apk is a free Music Player for Android. It’s a simple and quick-to-use music player app for Android. It has a built-in browser and a good sharing feature. The best thing about AutoRap by Smule Mod Apk is that it’s a free app, so everyone can have fun using it.

AutoRap by Smule apk app

AutoRap by Smule Lenses


AutoRap by Smule is a super simple and super effective tool to quickly create text-to-speech rap songs. It works by playing random rap songs you choose and choosing one of the options to play the rap song. It’s a pretty great tool to turn your Android phone into a fully-featured soundboard. AutoRap by Smule APK is an application where rappers can rap their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through the use of lyrics. It comes with a large number of songs to choose from. These are the latest version of the AutoRap by Smule APK.


AutoRap is a free and easy-to-use online music recognition application. It uses a WAV file to identify specific songs and can detect lyrics and instruments. Although not widely used, the program has its own popularity. Auto Rap is advanced Auto-Tagger software that helps you automatically improve your online visibility. Auto Rap has been developed with the purpose of improving your online presence. It helps you to find the most relevant keywords in your topic. This can easily increase your search engine visibility and eventually drive your traffic. Whatever your goal is with Auto Rap, it is important that you use it correctly. It’s called AutoRap because of its similarity as mentioned below:

  • Auto-Tune software
  • Instantly recognize
  • Sing your favorite songs


The AutoRap by Smule APK doesn’t offer anything special regarding graphics. The interface is quite simple and straightforward. If you’re not too particular about the high-end graphic effects on your device, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. This game is quite addictive and fun to play, especially if you’ve got some musical talent on your hands. It is jam-packed with features and you’ll want to use it over and over again.

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Interesting Tips

Smule has a wide array of rappers in its community. However, users can only produce a limited number of tracks due to the standard version limit. Luckily, the full version is available for download so you get access to all of Smule’s content and features.

  1. Share your creative works and get famous: AutoRap by Smule is one of the most powerful tools available to share your creative works, and get famous. It’s a supercooled way to find out the contact email addresses of millions of people, so you can get it for free. But don’t expect to get accomplished by using this tool. It’s almost impossible to get your image on an actual website or get your social network viral because of the lack of creativity in the projects.
  2. Show of your own original beats: Show of your own original beats is a self-broadcasting technology where you make beats, launch them on the Internet, and promote them to the Internet audience. AutoRap by Smule mod apk is a music producer program that automatically creates hip-hop beats from music that you have already selected. If you’re looking at capturing and Photo Editing then check Capcut mod apk.
  3. Voice Changer: The AutoRap by Smule APK comes with an automatic voice changer that will enhance your performance while rapping. It also supports multitrack recording where you can record your voice and another person’s voice at the same time or at different times. You may also share it on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter once you’re done recording it.
  4. Controls: The controls of this app are easy to use. You can pause and resume your recording easily with just a few taps on the screen. It also allows you to listen over again in case you missed anything during the recording.
  5. Social Networking: This app lets users popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, so they can share their recordings with their friends. This will allow users to connect even more with other rappers within the community.
  6. Customer Service: This is a free app and it does not include in-app purchases for premium features such as more song choices and unlimited recording time. It also comes with a customer service team in MOD that will listen to your concerns whenever you have them.

Music/Sound Effect

Music is an important part of society, and so should be the way you access the music you love. With the release of AutoRap by Smule, users can easily subscribe to rap music. So they can subscribe to it whenever, wherever, and however they want. If you’re a follower of rap music, then you might have noticed how many rap songs use AutoRap as a tool to help them expand their audience.

Remix Your Songs

If you want to make a great song out of a song, you’ll need the help of a music expert. However, it can be a frustrating process. You need to be able to record your music in the right style, with the right sound quality and the right instrumentation, and then you need someone to edit and re-work your songs into a commercial. AutoRap is a program that enables you to do just that. It’s a music creation app that lets you easily capture and edit music using popular audio-editing software.

Free/Unlocked Apps

AutoRap is a free & unlocked app that comes pre-installed with our website. Do not expect this app to work exactly the same as the paid versions. It is designed to enhance your experience on our website. This is a free and completely free app that helps users with the process of making their own music with AutoRAP by Smule Mod Apk. It is a very useful tool that can be used not only for making music but also for singing, instruments, recording, and even professional music production.

Download Guidelines

If you have any problems downloading or installing, feel free to leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible. However, if you want to skip that process, simply download its Apk file from the link given above and manually install it on your Android Device.


AutoRap by Smule APK is a great app for people who love rapping or would like to discover the fun of freestyle rap. The free edition lets you get familiar with the app and hooks you up to its large community. Its multitrack feature lets you record two separate songs at two different times, so this app is perfect for recording with your friends.


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