Top 5 Beautiful Zooper Widget Skins You Should Try!

Top 5 Beautiful Zooper Widget Skins You Should Try!

As the saying goes, you should use beautiful zooper widget skins as competition is healthy. As an application for customizing Android smartphone’s interface (launcher). Anyone with good ideas will try to make them come true at the expense of others. Among those countless customization apps, it seems like Zooper Widget is popular.


Several talented designers have been busy with making Zooper Widgets as eye-catching as possible. In this article, I will show you some stunning examples of beautiful zooper widget skins from those creative people.

1. Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a very beautiful Zooper Widget skin that will beautify your home screen. The design of this widget skin looks simple, but it gives the impression of being stylish and very classy. It also has clean lines that will be suitable for many applications. Another interesting thing to be found in this widget skin is its home-screen weather forecast feature that allows you to get the latest conditions for your area as well as simply by typing your zip code.

Black Beauty widgets were originally only created as Widgets, but now you can also download their matching KWGT pack.

2. Alloy Zooper Widget Skins


The second entry in the list of the top 5 best beautiful Zooper widget skins that you should check out is Alloy. This skin is very eye-catching because it comes with a glittering surface design and style. It’s trying to give your device a modern look.

This skin also contains widgets weather forecast, date and time, battery percentage, and Google search.

3. FLUX Zooper Widget Skins

FLUX Zooper Widget Skins

The Flux skin is a very cool-looking Zooper widget skin that will add some freshness and uniqueness to your home screen. The colors used in this skin may be dark, but it can still bring a lot of light to your phone’s home screen once you put the widgets on it.

The widgets included in this skin are weather forecast, date and time, battery percentage, the Google search engine, and music player. It also supports other applications such as calendar and launcher applications if you want to add more home screen widgets.

4. Flat Material Zooper Widget Skins

Flat Material

Flat Material is a very beautiful Zooper widget skin which will make your home screen look more interesting. The fresh colors used in this skin are really suitable for modern users. This widget pack contains clock, date and time, Google search engine, weather forecast widgets, along music controllers that can be found in the app drawer. As an addition, there are also several other widgets that can be added to the home screen by using third-party launchers available on Google Play Store.

5. Zooper Material – Flat Clocks Widget Skin

Flat Clocks Widget Skin

Last but not least is Zooper Material – Flat Clocks widget skin which will give your current time a fresh makeover. You can find this widget skin in two different versions: one with a white background and the other with a black background. Each of these skins contains several widgets including clock, date and time, weather forecast, and Google search engine. There is also an app drawer launcher included if you happen to use another application as the main application for your Android smartphone’s home screen.

So, what do you think about the five best beautiful Zooper widget skins that I’ve just shared? Hopefully, it will be enough to give your Android device a unique look. All of these widgets are free for download on Google Play Store so there’s no harm in trying them all! If you have tried any other amazing-looking Zooper widgets skins, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for beautiful Zooper widget skins to make your home screen more appealing, I recommend that you should try some of the five best widgets skins I have shared above. These widgets may contain apps that are not familiar to you today, which will change in the future when app developers start using them.

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