5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free)

5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

The unique features best sleep tracking apps are very important for us to retain our health. While some people just require an alarm clock to wake up. Others might need help in the form of sleep tracking apps. With these applications, users can monitor their sleeping patterns and make sure they are getting enough rest at night. Although it doesn’t seem like this would be needed by anyone. It is very important and can improve your health in the long run.

Best Sleep Tracking Apps For Android

So, we will list the five best sleep tracking apps for Android which you should definitely try out if you want to monitor your sleeping habits.

Sleep as AndroidSleep as Android

This application is made by a company which has specializes in making sleep tracking apps. It is no wonder that Sleep as Android works perfectly with monitoring your sleeping patterns. This app can track your movements while you are asleep. So it’s definitely one of the most accurate ones out there. You can even set an alarm through this app and be gently woken up in the morning. You can download Best Sleep Tracking Apps for free from the Google Play store.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Like the title suggests, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock can track your sleeping patterns and wake you up at a set time. Its unique feature is that it analyzes how deep you are in a sleep cycle to determine when’s the best time to wake you up. So yeah, this application also uses movements while you sleep to monitor your cycles. But it’s much less accurate than the previously mentioned Sleep as Android app. This application is also available for free but has in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock more features.

Runtastic Sleep BetterRuntastic Sleep Better

If you don’t like using data to track everything, Runtastic Sleep Better is perfect for you. This app can monitor your movements to track your sleeping habits without having to connect them to other devices or services. The downside is that the app only tracks the amount of time you slept and doesn’t give detailed information about your sleep cycles.

So it doesn’t use data, this app is actually pretty accurate when it comes to tracking your sleeping patterns. You can download Runtastic Sleep Better for free from our website.

Sleepbot – Best Sleep Tracking AppsSleepBot

Sleepbot is a great application for those who want to monitor their sleeping patterns. This app can track your movements while you sleep and use it to determine how much restful sleep you have gotten. Of course, this app needs to be connected to a smartphone or tablet. So yeah, not every device is compatible with Sleepbot but there is still a lot that can be done with this app.

Alarm Clock Xtreme FreeAlarm Clock Xtreme

Last on our list is Alarm Clock Xtreme Free. This application has a lot of features and can become your main alarm clock if you want it to be. It’s very simple and easy to use, but that makes it great for those who don’t really know much about technology or just want an easy way to set the alarms.

You have the standard options of choosing your alarm sound or music, setting timers, and all that stuff. You can also schedule alarms with this app so you don’t forget to set them every night before going to sleep. If you are looking for a simple way to set alarms, Alarm Clock Xtreme Free is the best choice for you.

NOTE: That’s pretty much it for our list of the 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android. Did we miss one you might know? Do you have any suggestions? Let us and everyone else in the comments section know.

Conclusion For Best Sleep Tracking Apps

So yeah, that pretty much concludes our list of the 5 best sleep tracking apps for Android. We really hope this list has helped you and that you found an application that suits your needs. If we missed any good ones, do let us know in the comments section below.

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