Xbox 360 Simulator for Android Devices, Do they work?

Xbox 360 Simulator for Android Devices

There’s this new app for android devices that lets you play the latest Xbox 360 games on your mobile device. Just download the Xbox 360 Simulator for Android and transform your android phone or tablet into an Xbox controller. Transform your Android device into a wireless Xbox 360 Controller using this new gamepad emulator. This push-button configuration makes it easier than ever to emulate a Microsoft XBOX 360 controller on any rooted Android device with USB OTG support.

This application works by mapping your android controls onto a virtual Xbox controller that can be displayed through a third-party emulator called ” Droid4X “. It’s very similar to the old Nintendo 64 emulators we used back in the day. But now for an Android touchscreen device.

Just plug in your Android device and play like you would on a console. This app is compatible with all games that support Xbox 360 Simulator for Android controllers. I managed to test it out on Asphalt 7: Heat, Dead Trigger 2, GTA III (my first time, Woo Hoo) and they all worked great. The only downside is the lack of an adjustable control scheme.

Do Xbox 360 Simulators Work Good In Android?

I took this simulator app for a spin on my Samsung Galaxy Note X. It was cool at first until I realized how little it worked. There were tons of apps that couldn’t even recognize the controller which caused me to spend half my time starting up apps just to try them out.

It’s sad that some games are only compatible with certain models of android phones. I happened to try out the game GTA III and after only three short minutes, I was hit by a car and killed. This means no more driving unless I get another phone or tablet that works with this emulator.


The only games that are compatible with this emulator are all rooted android devices. You can thank the creativity of gamers for writing alternative programs. That allow you to play unsupported games on your phone or tablet device by emulating a keyboard, mouse, controller, etc…

Xbox 360 Simulator Feature List

  • Supports any USB OTG cable on Android 3.1 or higher! (Many devices require a powered USB hub, which is not included).
  • Xbox 360 Controller layout.
  • Two analog stick modes: One thumbstick like on the real controller and one full-size 4-way D-Pad for games that only support the D-Pad (emulator will switch automatically).
  • Vibration support when used with games that support it.
  • Full Menu button for those games that don’t support Start/Back.
  • Save/Load state support for some games that don’t save.
  • Supports multiple key profiles, just select your desired layout from the menu.


Xbox 360 simulators work well for a little while but in no way do they have the long-term potential that you would need in order to play games here and there. If only someone could write a simulator that doesn’t require your phone or tablet to be rooted, then we would definitely have something because the market for apps is becoming much more competitive with time.

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