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In Dragon Rise mod apk, you can build your own berk. Moreover, you can rescue, hatch, and train them so they can explore beautiful lands in the Viking world. As a player, you should join hiccup to protect your village from attackers.
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Introduction to Dragon Rise of Berk Mod apk

Dragon Rise of berk mod apk is a game designed especially for cartoon and dragon lovers. In this game, you have to look after a dragon. The game allows you to train powerful dragons and enable them to beat all other enemies. As a defender and leader of a Viking island, you have to fight and defend your Viking island. 


Dragon Rise of Mod apk is one of the most addictive games in the simulation category. The game was developed and launched by Ludia inc. The game is quite simple yet interesting. Due to its high-quality graphics. This game is liked and played all over the world.

Train your dragon is a famous animated movie from Dreamworks animation. Its content revolves around dragon rise and Vikings. Inspired by this famous animated series, many game developers have created popular games based on dragons. Dragon rise mod Apk is one of them which has almost 11M downloads on the play store.

What is dragon Rise of Berk Mod Apk

Dragon Rise of berk mod Apk is the modified version of dragon rise of berk’s official version. You can download and install the official Dragon Rise of Berk official version from the play store. You have to spend some money in order to get premium unlocked features in dragon rise of berk. But you don’t need to worry as we have unlocked all those premium features in this modified version so you can now enjoy better gameplay with all premium

 features in this mod version. The mod version will provide you unlimited money, runes, fish food, and much more.

This modded version ensures you have better gameplay over your competitors so you can easily defeat them with the most exciting and advanced unlocked features. Apart from unlimited money, fish, and runes, the version is free from ads so you will surely enjoy this epic gameplay. Ads are very annoying especially if you are having fun with games and then ads pop up, so we have removed all ads in the mod version. So download Dragon Rise of Berk Mod apk to enjoy the most epic gaming adventure from this game.


In the Dragon Rise mod Apk, you can build your own berk. Moreover, you can rescue, hatch, and train them so they can explore beautiful lands in the Viking world. As a player, you should join a hiccup to protect your village from attackers.

The main mission in dragon rise of berk is to keep the safety of your berk and dragon. The player has to protect Berk and the dragon eggs. Dragons are the main fighting force in the war and they will help you to protect the berk. We have to train your dragon so they can better defend the berk in the war. As a starter, you will not have access to most of the dragons so you will use the Book of Dragons to explore new islands.  After it, you can start the incubation process to hatch.

As a result of hatching, baby dragons will be born. You can place them in different locations on the island. The favorite food of babies is fish so the babies will enjoy their favorite food on the island and will level up through it. By eating their favorite food and much more on the island, the dragons will grow faster. Whenever dragons grow, they gain the ability to catch fish and collect new ingredients for the new battle.

Favorite Food

The same is the case for the toothless as he is able to explore more lands.  He can find dragons by his ability and it all depends upon his level. The higher the level, the more dragons he can find. So players should always focus on training toothless so your berk becomes the rich land with the most dragons in the world.

Types of Dragons

The game is very famous due to its higher number of dragons. You can explore more than 40 types of dragons. Some of them are quite famous due to their Functions and features. Toothless along with hiccups and light fury is the most loved dragon in the game. People will send toothless adventurers to adventure new lands in search of dragon eggs. All these beautiful lands are explained in “ BOOK OF DRAGONS” so you can find and read all the valuable information.

dragon rise of berk2

However, you have to fix some issues in order for them to work properly. Toothless should be upgraded so it can improve its searchability. Secondly, Berk should be upgraded and developed so it can accommodate new members. Fishes and runes are mandatory materials for these kinds of jobs and your dragon will help you to collect ingredients.

Upgrade your island

Academy and made hall are two main buildings that highly affect dragons. The dragons can not go above level 12 if these two buildings are not upgraded. Whereas berks can only build up to two barns for dragons.

Academy will be upgraded when Berk has enough Viking houses. The upgrade of Meade Hall depends on the academy level. Meade hall will upgrade when the Academy reaches specific levels. And if the academy is large, you can create new stables of dragons, otherwise, they will face hunger.

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The Arena

You can take your dragons to the arena so they can fight and win for you. Finding and nurturing dragons is not only what you have to do, but you have to train well so they can fight and win for you in battle.

The games include almost three types of battles, Team-based, tactical battles, and turn-based battles. You can select a group of three warriors and search for your opponent group. The game is quite simple, yet amazing in which you choose your warriors and their fighting skills along with your target where you want to attack.

Each dragon has their own ability and power and it is simulated as a card. You can upgrade dragon skills and help them to get more strength so they can fight well for you.

Participate in Matches and Embarks On Journey

Dragon rise mod apk offers you to participate in different matches and tournaments. Players can challenge their opponents and impress everyone with their dragon fighting skills. You will be rewarded if you win these games. You can use these rewards to buy more items and upgrade dragons. In this way, you can make your dragons more powerful.

Mod Features:

You will get unlimited Runes in the dragon berk mod apk, Runes are the currency specially used to purchase ingredients, energy, speedup, and much more.

dragon rise of berk3

How to Download Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK for Android

To download this game, please follow our step-by-step guide.

  • First of all, visit our official article and read the whole article.
  • Scroll down, by scrolling down, you will find a download button.
  • Click on that button for Dragon rise of berk download.
  • Click on that button to start your download.
  • After a few minutes, your download will be completed. 
  • Save your downloaded file into a new folder.
  • Congrats, Your file is ready to install now.

How to install dragon berk of rising mod Apk :

  1. To install the dragon berk of rise mod app, please follow the given guidelines.
  2. First of all, you have to give 3rd party access from your phone.
  3. Go to the setting of your phone and then click Accessibility.
  4. There you will find the option of ( Allow unknown resources )
  5. Click turn on that option.
  6. Now get back to the installation process.
  7. Click install and enjoy the game.


Download dragon rise of berk mod Apk to enjoy the most amazing gaming experience with the dragon. Train your dragons, fight with your opponents and explore different lands with these dragons. I hope you will like this article so share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section, and I will surely help you.

Thank you!

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